Phone App Development

Developer of Smart Phone apps for iPhone, Windows and Android Devices

Desktop App Development

Developer of Applications for Windows, Mac and Lynx boxes

Website Development

Web Site Development using Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, .NET and other web development tools 


Xyber Software provides a variety of Software Services including:

  • Desktop Application Development
  • Cross Platform Development for Windows, Mac and Lynx
  • Website Development for Browsers and Smart Phones
  • Native iPhone and iPad Development
  • Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Note: If you would like to view our portfolio of past projects or our showcase of new products and projects that we are working on, you will have to register using the login menu above. We work on proprietary projects and projects protected by non disclosure agreements and cannot provide that information to the general public.

Remote Development

Our Engineers specialize in Remote Development. No time wasted in Traffic Jams or ironing Shirt collars.

Open Source

We are experts utilizing Open Source tools if practical. Joomla, MySQL, WordPress, Flash Builder, Apache

Multi Media

We also have experienced Multi Media Experts that can develop Video and Audio projects to meet your requirements.

Technologies We Use

  • Android


    Android Mobile Apps
  • Joomla


    Open Source Website Design and Development
  • HTML 5

    HTML 5

    HTML 5 and CSS for the Web
  • facebook 128

    Social Media

    Social Media Development and Integration 
  • bitcoin 128

    Crypto Mining

    Crypto Currencies Systems
  • MySQL


    SQL Database Design and Management
  • PHP


    PHP Web Development
  • Apple iOS

    Apple iOS

    Native iOS Xcode App Development
  • Windows


    Windows Desktop and Mobile Apps